1) go to YouTube and search for the JV channel with the following link:




2) subscribe to the channel by clicking the red button (if you don't have a Gmail or Google account you will be asked to create it)


3) click on the referral link that was given to you to proceed with the registration to Jup Video (if you do not have a referral link go directly to the website www.jupvideo.com and click on the "register" button)


4) follow the steps to register, once registered you will receive a welcome email with the indication of your UserID and Password to access your private area of ​​the site www.jupvideo.com


5) at this point you have to do only two things: A) watch every day the 3 videos of a few minutes that you find in your private area by clicking "video" in the menu in the left column

B) distribute your "referral link" to as many friends as possible to level up and earn (you can find the referral link by clicking "referral link" in the menu in the left column of your private area).


6) from the menu of your private area you can consult the status of your network, your earnings and request payment


NB: remember that after each video you must enter the secret word that is specified during each video in the "secret word" box next to or below the video!






JUP VIDEO is a blog.

The blog aims to expand thanks to word of mouth from its users.

Jup Video owns some video channels.

Thanks to the videos published or sent to users, Jup Video receives compensation for the commercials contained in the videos themselves.

Users have no costs, do not have to make investments, do not have to sell or buy except for their personal initiative.

Users voluntarily have the right, to receive part of the fees that Jup Video collects for the advertising contained in the videos, to watch the videos and involve other people in the network.

There are no mutual obligations between users and Jup Video. However, Jup Video, in the face of the fees received for the commercials, undertakes to compensate in turn for the constancy and work of promoting the users' network as long as they respect the rules of the network.

These fees are paid through a third party.

Each user has no obligations but if he views less than 80% of the videos proposed (1 view per day for at least 3 videos) he will receive a proportionally reduced fee.

Each user will receive, if Jup Video has received the remuneration for the commercials, a compensation from the moment in which he reaches "level 1" and not before.

To reach level 1, each user must let other users enter with their referral link.

With the introduction of “direct users” the user in question passes from the seventh to the sixth level and gradually increases in level as the network develops vertically.

With an average of one user introduced every 2 days, you get to the first level in 2 weeks and start earning.

It is clear that in order to earn significant figures, each user must bring in other users (at least 10 are recommended).

Mathematically: each user who brings in 10 direct users, who follow up the network by doing the same, will reach level 1 in two weeks and after two months he will reach the completion of his "personal group / network" such as to obtain the earnings indicated by Jup Video. This in the hypothesis of a user introduced every 2 days by everyone.

If the "personal network" of a user does not have the necessary development mentioned above, nothing is due on the part of Jup Video. It being understood that if a user reaches level 1 he will be entitled, if Jup Video has received compensation, to have reduced compensation in proportion to the personal network created even if incomplete.


We specify that the videos you find in your private area are those to be viewed (in the left column by clicking on "video") even if the user has already seen them in the previous days. So they can / should be concerned.

We reiterate that you start earning when you reach Level 1.

You enter at level 7 and as the user's network develops vertically, the user himself rises in level.

To have excellent earnings (even 1000 euros per day) you must reach Level 1 and also have a personal network with good horizontal development, so we recommend that you bring in at least 10 people.





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Good faith


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