We are a group of people including some digital entrepreneurs and experts in the web world.

We would like you to join us to make money from the WEB.

Our experience serves a common purpose:

Earn all together thanks to the advertising paid by the big web companies.

This is possible.

LEGAL NOTICES - Conditions of use of the website "www.jupvideo.com"



1. General provisions


1.1 For the purposes of these terms of use, the User is the person who uses the services offered by the site www.jupvideo.com, whether it is limited to consulting the information included therein or if he proceeded to use the reserved areas.


1.2 The use of the site is governed by these terms of use, whose acceptance constitutes an agreement between the User and the Owner and is provided with the mere fact of browsing the Web pages.


1.3 Additional rules and conditions may be set by the Data Controller to regulate individual services offered on the Site: the User must comply with them in order to use the relative goods and services.


1.4 The law applicable to relationships arising from the use of the service is the Italian one, in the light of which these conditions of use must also be interpreted.


1.5 With the term Holder of the service, the Jup Video Srl is clearly indicated.


1.6 The Owner reserves the right to make any substantial changes to these terms of use at any time, making the User aware of them through publication on the Site. Access subsequent to the modification entails the complete acceptance by the User of the new conditions of use . The owner does not sell and does not ask user fees.


1.7 The text mentions purely computerized terms, commonly recognized and with the unambiguous meaning that, up to the express request, are assumed to be known and understood by the user of the site and the services offered for it.


2. Additional User obligations.


2.1 The User is required to use the website and the services offered for it in the timely and constant respect of the law, public order and morality.


2.2 In the event that the User accesses his reserved area to supplement or modify his personal data, he undertakes to provide true and strictly necessary information for the use of the services provided by the site.


2.3 Once the account is activated, the User agrees to use the same, and in any case the related user-id and password, legitimately and correctly, also in light of the legal consequences related to such use.


2.4 The User must keep the user-id and password relating to his / her account with due care and diligence, and in the event of theft or loss, he / she is entitled to communicate it promptly requesting its deactivation.


2.5 The User has the right to promptly notify the Owner of the loss or theft of the access credentials (User-id and password): in the absence of said communication, all manifestations of intent, deeds and facts producing legal effects made through the User's account will undoubtedly be attributed to these.


2.6 Jup Video is not responsible in any way for the illegitimate consultation of personal data contained in the reserved area by unauthorized third parties who have become aware of the User's authentication credentials due to the latter's negligence.


2.7 The User undertakes not to disturb in any way the use of the service by other Users.


2.8 It is forbidden for the User to copy or otherwise learn the contents of the website, in any part, for uses other than strictly personal and, in any case, for commercial use, without prejudice to the provisions concerning the law on the right to author and / or industrial law.


2.9 If the user proceeds with the publication on a Social Network of site contents, through his own account, he assumes all responsibility that may arise.


3. Obligations, guarantees and exemptions of responsibility of the Owner.


3.1 The Owner undertakes to provide the User with the online usability of the website and the services offered for it, as well as the communication tools connected to them, taking care of their implementation compatibly with the current state of evolution of the IT tools.


3.2 Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous point, the Owner, in consideration of the fact that some pages of the Site are allocated to web spaces of others and managed by them, assumes no responsibility for any possible interruption and / or suspension of the service provided and / or other limitation of the usability of the service in its entirety, due to its own and / or third party technical problems generated by factors or circumstances beyond its control. In the event of problems in the functioning of parts of the site, the user may report them to the email address for the reports.


3.3 The Owner has the right to use alternative communication and / or publication tools and / or accessories to the Site, to make the services offered to Users accessible, also using, for example and not limited to, tec


3.3 The Owner has the right to use alternative communication and / or publication tools and / or accessories to the Site, to make the services offered to Users accessible, also using, by way of example and not limited to, linking or mirroring techniques.


3.4 The Owner is not responsible for any use of this website and the services offered for it carried out in violation of the law, morality or public order, or in contrast with the provisions of these conditions of use.


3.5 The Owner offers no guarantee as to the updating of the information entered on the site.


3.6 The Owner does not exercise any control over links to other Web sites and their content, present in their pages. If the connection is referable to a site that offers additional services through the owner, its use will be governed by the conditions of use prepared by the service provider.


3.7 The Owner is not liable for any damages and / or losses and / or malfunctions and / or prejudices of any kind that may result to the User's electronic computer from using the service provided by the same, nor for any contamination of the IT system deriving from it. access, interconnection, downloading of material and computer programs from the site; the related repair / restoration costs remain the User's responsibility.


4. Intellectual property


4.1 This website is protected by current legislation in Italy regarding copyright.


4.2 The User is forbidden to copy or otherwise learn, publish, disseminate, transmit or otherwise make available, even partially and / or as a result of modifications, what is published on the website, except in cases where this is expressly provided for on the site, such as for example for the publication on the Social Networks of some contents for the promotion of the service and of the Netw

5 Final provisions


5.1 The Owner reserves the unilateral right to modify, suspend or interrupt the website and the services offered for it, as well as the modification, suspension or interruption of the account and the communication tools connected to it by the individual User.


5.2 The Owner also reserves the right to follow-up on future business and advertising initiatives, even for a fee, through the use on the website of any third-party logo and / or trademark, including advertising banners and any other advertising for the promotion and the direct and / or indirect marketing of any goods, products and services.


6 Jurisdiction


6.1 The use of the services provided by the Data Controller through the website is not authorized in the jurisdictions that do not recognize the validity of all the provisions issued by these terms of use, including, without limitation, this paragraph.






JUP VIDEO is a network that aims to expand thanks to the word of mouth of its users.


Jup Video is the owner of some video channels.


Thanks to videos published or sent to users, Jup Video receives compensation for the commercials contained in the videos themselves.


Users have no costs, no investment, no selling or buying except for their own initiative.


Users voluntarily have the option, to receive part of the fees that Jup Video collects for the advertising contained in the videos, to watch videos and involve other people in the network.


There are no mutual obligations between users and Jup Video. However Jup Video, in the face of the remuneration received for the commercials, undertakes to compensate in turn for the constancy and the work of promoting the network of users provided that they respect the rules of the network.


Each user has no obligations but if he displays less than 80% of the videos proposed (1 display per day for at least 3 videos) he will receive a proportionally reduced fee.


Every user has the right, if Jup Video has received the remuneration for the advertising spots, to be compensated from the moment he reaches "level 1" and not before.


To reach level 1, each user must enter other users with his referral link.


With the introduction of "direct users" the user in question passes from the seventh to the sixth level and as the network develops vertically level rooms.


With an average of one user introduced every 2 days you get to the first level in 2 weeks and you start earning.


It is clear that to gain significant amounts it is necessary for each user to enter other users (we recommend at least 10).


Mathematically: every user who enters 10 direct users, who follow up the network doing the same, will reach level 1 in two weeks and after two months he will reach the completion of his "personal group / network" to obtain the earnings indicated by Jup Video. This in the hypothesis of a user introduced every 2 days by everyone.


If the "personal network" of a user does not have the necessary development mentioned above for any reason, nothing is due from Jup Video. Notwithstanding that if a user reaches level 1 he will have the right, if Jup Video has received compensation, to have compensation reduced in proportion to the personal network created, even if incomplete.




Please note that the videos you find in your private area are the ones to view (in the left column by clicking on "video") even if the user has already seen them in the previous days. So they can / should be covered.


We reiterate that we start earning when we reach Level 1. It starts at level 7 and as the user's network grows vertically, the user level rises.


To have excellent earnings (even 1000 euros per day) you have to get to level 1 and also have a personal network with good horizontal development so we recommend getting at least 10 people.



Utilizzando questo Sito oppure partecipando a qualsiasi Sondaggio dichiari di accettare i presenti Termini di utilizzo e di regolamentazione della Membership (in seguito definiti "Termini") e confermi di aver letto e compreso le nostre politiche sulla privacy ("Politiche sulla Privacy").


Le nostre Politiche sulla Privacy stabilisce come Jup Video raccoglie, utilizza e archivia i tuoi dati personali e le tue opinioni sui prodotti promossi.


Nel caso in cui non fossi d'accordo con le Condizioni di utilizzo e Membership e le nostre Politiche sulla Privacy, ti invitiamo a non utilizzare il nostro Sito.


Jup video ha il diritto, a sua discrezione, di modificare, aggiungere o rimuovere i contenuti relativi a queste Condizioni di utilizzo e Membership e alle Politiche sulla Privacy, in qualsiasi momento.



La Membership è completamente gratuita ed è consentita solo a persone fisiche la cui età sia maggiore di 15, oppure che abbiano l'età stabilita dalla normativa locale. 


Registrazione e Password:

Per aprire un account di utenza, è necessario fornire a Jup Video valide e complete informazioni sui contatti, compreso il nome e cognome, indirizzo, un valido indirizzo email e tutti gli altri dati richiesti. 

L'account deve essere associato ad un valido indirizzo email e dotato di una password di accesso.

Nel caso in cui l'utente non provvedesse a fornire le informazioni personali richieste e/o ad aggiornarle, Jup Video ha il diritto di interrompere o sospendere la Membership.

L'utente è il solo responsabile per la sicurezza dei suoi dati di accesso, Username e Password, e per qualsiasi attività svolta tramite l'account di cui è titolare, anche se non è autorizzata. 

Se l'utente dimentica la password, potrà richiederne un'altra tramite l'utilizzo della email utilizzata per registrarsi in Jup Video. In seguito a ciò, si riceverà una email sul suddetto indirizzo grazie alla quale sarà possibile reimpostare la propria password.


La partecipazione a qualsiasi Sondaggio o Indagine e la divulgazione di informazioni personali riservate è completamente volontaria.



L'utente è tenuto ad essere provvisto di qualsiasi attrezzatura (PC, Notebook ecc.) e di usufruire dei servizi di comunicazione necessari per connettersi e accedere a questo Sito. 

L'utente dichiara di accettare che la sua registrazione a Jup Video e il completamento di qualsiasi Sondaggio/Indagine daranno luogo alla creazione di un rapporto di agenzia o di lavoro.

Il completamento dei Sondaggi sarà considerata una collaborazione indipendente. 



Codice di condotta dei membri:

Jup Video nasce come noto come Blog ed è una comunità online creata per creare valore comune in un contesto commerciale  e con scopi di Marketing.

Chi entra in Jup Video deve rispettare queste regole:



Buna fede


La mancata osservanza di questo Codice di condotta potrà comportare la chiusura dell'account e l'annullamento dei punti accumulati.

Contenuti dei membri e licenza:

Con il presente impegno l'utente fornisce a Jup Video una licenza non esclusiva, perpetua, illimitata, valida a livello mondiale e priva di royalty per scopi di Marketing e commerciali.


Pagamenti in denaro:

I pagamenti in  denaro verranno fatti nelle modalità indicate nella dashboard degli utenti. È esclusiva responsabilità degli utenti di mantenersi aggiornati su eventuali cambiamenti indicati.


Tutti i premi sono soggetti a modifiche che potrebbero essere necessarie per conformarsi alle leggi o ai regolamenti applicabili e Jup Video si riserva il diritto di modificare le modalità di ricompensa qualora fosse necessario.


Proprietà intellettuale di Jup Video:

Questo Sito è protetto dalle leggi sulla proprietà intellettuale e l'utente si impegna a rispettarle. Tutti i diritti non espressamente concessi sono riservati da Jup Video o dai suoi licenziatari.

Il logo JUP VIDEO e i marchi “JUP VIDEO" e “www.jupvideo.com" sono marchi o marchi registrati di proprietà di Jup video. 

Tutti i diritti sono riservati.

Nessun Contenuto potrà essere copiato, distribuito, ripubblicato, caricato, pubblicato o trasmesso in qualsiasi modo.

Agli utenti non è conferito alcun diritto nell'utilizzare tali Contenuti e tutti i titoli e i diritti sono riservati a noi. 


Esclusione di garanzie:

L'utente dichiara di riconoscere e accettare il fatto che Jup Video non è una banca o qualsiasi altro tipo o forma di istituzione finanziaria.


Le ricompense non fruttano interessi e sono solo voci relative all'account che, se convertiti, danno diritto all'importo accreditato, in conformità alle presenti Condizioni d'utilizzo. 


Jup Video non è responsabile per le azioni di terzi, come gli emittenti di tutte le carte regalo, voucher o altre forme di ricompensa in cui possono essere convertite le ricompense.


L'utente accetta espressamente che l'utilizzo di questo Sito è a suo esclusivo rischio. 

Jup Video non è responsabile per errori tipografici a prescindere dalla fonte. 

Jup Video non rappresenta né garantisce che le informazioni distribuite in questo Sito siano accurate, complete o attuali. 



Chiusura dell'account di utenza:

L'utente può chiudere il suo account in qualsiasi momento contattando Jup Video.



Responsabilità fiscale:

Secondo quanto stabilito dalla normativa in vigore nel Paese di residenza, l'utente potrà essere tenuto al pagamento delle imposte sulle ricompense ricevute.

E’ compito dell’utente provvedere all’adempimento dei propri obblighi.

Jup Video eroga i compensi secondo quanto stabilito dalla legge.


Comunicazioni all'utente: possiamo inviare agli utenti tutte le note informative che ci vengono richieste comunicandole su questo Sito. L'utente accetta, inoltre, che potremo comunicare via email a nostra discrezione e che potremo inviare notifiche relative ad avvisi di citazione o altro procedimento legale (se in corso). Potremo fornire informative a qualsiasi indirizzo di posta elettronica o di altro tipo fornite all'atto della registrazione. L'utente accetta di mantenere aggiornato il proprio indirizzo e di controllare le informative pubblicate sul Sito.

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